Who is Kid Genius ?

Who is Kid Genius?

School  of mental arithmetic “Kid Genius”  is a special education program intended for healthy development of children’s brain.


Why Kid Genius?

Why Kid Genius?

Because school of mental arithmetic “Kid Genius” operates by licensed program, which is a unique program in whole Europe. 




Dear parents, enrollment is currently in progress!
There are over 120 of our centers located in Europe!


International school of mental arithmetic Kid Genius 

Mental arithmetic (暗算,jap. Anzanis a traditional Eastern discipline, which is widely used in more than 50 countries around the world. As a popular and modern educational model for the development of cognitive abilities of children, its presence is increasing in the West.

The International School of Mental Arithmetic Kid Genius in its program is applying the original HIKARI 光 program of Mental Arithmetic. The program has a unique method originating from Japan, a country that represents the cradle of this prestigious discipline. It was created as a result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education, and is based on the use of the ancient device abacus (算盤 jap. Soroban), whose visualization achieves extraordinary fast calculation.

I like it a lot when i am doing my homework on the computer and when i compete with other schoolmates all over the Europe.


I met so many new friends. We have fun in the classroom as on the breaks.


I was never good with numbers but since i am going to Kid Genius, my teacher says i have become very good in math!


Everyone asks me what is abacus, and I tell them it’s my game with balls that has taught me to count on me. Now I’m the best in class.